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Extracurricular: Damon & Naomi round-up

A couple of news items that slipped me by last week.

Damon has written another piece for Pitchfork: The New Analog: How analog technologies aren't just relics in today's digital world but rather essential tools that can help us reconnect with our surroundings—and each other

Music has been at the forefront of the assault on analog, and perhaps it can point the way toward its survival as well. Looking at the way we interact with sound can help define a “post-digital analog,” which could solve problems for our digital communications on an even broader scale. And what better place to consider our relationship to analog and digital sound than the two points of audio contact we make with our smartphones all day: through our ears and through our voice.

Naomi has another video:

Short video I edited for fashion designer Gary Graham showing the hypnotic jacquard loom weaving the fabric for the coat Gary designed for the upcoming show "Folk Couture."

And a reminder that Damon & Naomi's Exact Change ezine is available for iPhones and iPads.