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Friday recycling - Luna's last London show

Nine years ago this very night Luna played their last show in London

Review: My review of Luna's last show.
Review in the Independent by Kevin Harley</p>

Being too cool to change colours may have kept Luna a secret, but all credit to them for sticking to their guns. If they ever "come back for an Indian summer", as the song has it, they'll be welcome.

Review in Pennyblackmusic by Dominic B. Simpson</p>

With the knowledge that this is the last song Wareham will ever sing at a London gig – with Luna, at least – the combination of lyrics like “we’ll come back for Indian Summer / and go our separate ways....buckle up, we’re wayward bound” and the song’s childlike melody make the occasion seem incredibly poignant

Photos: My photos from Luna's last London show.
Photos: Franck's wonderful photos from the show.

Download: Luna - 2005-01-17 - ULU, London (full show - mp3, via Mediafire)