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Dean Wareham Xfm performance and interview

2 Boys and Store Front Christmas Display

UPDATE (2015-12-22): Here's the mp3 of Dean & Britta performing Old Toy Trains on XFM

While Dean was in London last a couple of weeks back he recorded a couple of tracks for a session for John Kennedy's Xposure show on Xfm - you can hear some of the interview and a cover of Old Toy Trains with Dean on guitar and Britta on iPad in the latest issue of the Xposure podcast.

Link: John Kennedy's Xposure podcast (via iTunes)
Link: Podcast feed if you'd rather not use iTunes

Mp3: Direct link to the mp3

Head about thirteen minutes in for Dean's interview and performance - you'd probably also want to stick around to hear the Younghusband cover of Margo Guryan's I Don't Intend to Spend Christmas Without You that follows straight after