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Dean Wareham in London #2

So on to Friday, managed to not make the mailing list pub meet-up (again) but fairly certain I'd have been on my own if I had! Arrived at the church with my son at 7:30 and took up position behind the seats, same place as last night, so Britta is, once again obscured in any photos I tool - mind you I'd forgotten my camera so I only took a few pictures with my phone and they all look a bit rubbish!

Jason Quever of Papercuts opened with a much more relaxed set than the night before, he took longer to tune between songs. The first half of the set was on an acoustic guitar before he was joined (again) by Britta and Anthony and things stepped up a gear.

Dean was again accompanied by Britta, Anthony and Jason and the set was similar to the previous evening, just more relaxed and perhaps a little rockier, the new songs sounded great live, and it's always a treat to hear the old one. Encore tonight was Ride Into the Sun followed by a barnstorming Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste. The crowd should have been baying for a second encore but they gave up too soon and left just me clapping alone as they headed into the cold for trains and tubes home.

Nice to meet a mailing list member, just the one tonight, and while we were chatting Britta came over and invited us backstage. Backstage for priests is called the vestry, so we stood amongst bibles and crucifixes and pictures of the pope, with Dean & Britta and Sonic Boom! I had a beer because in such illustrious company I felt the need to do something with my hands. After some chat, getting Dean to sign my Esopus 20 lyric book, and taking a couple of photos for some Spanish fans, the party moved outside for ciggies and Adam and I made our excuses and left.

Highs: The show, the after show
Lows: That I never took some snaps backstage

Oh, the whole of last night's show is already on YouTube, here's a couple, but look at Andunemir's profile for the rest.

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