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Dean Wareham's Galaxie 500 lyric notebooks

The latest issue of ESOPUS Magazine is dedicated to "personal and institutional archives", it consists of a beautiful collection of booklets each dedicated to reproductions from someone's (or some institution's) archive, all are rather lovely but of interest to us is the one called...

GOOD ON PAPER: Early drafts of Galaxy 500 Lyrics by Dean Wareham

The cover of Esopus 20's Dean Wareham booklet

Ignoring the annoyance of getting the band's name on the front cover (although it's hard to ignore!!) the book is a lovely little peek into Galaxie 500's beginnings, containing scans of handwritten pages from Dean's lyrics notebook.

Can't See More (aka Temperature's Rising)

Here's an early draft of Fourth of July, coupled with an even earlier draft of Luna's Crazy People.

Fourth of July vs Crazy People

The magazine is very lovely and for a Galaxie 500 fan a treasure, their web site has a few scans and an online store where you can buy a copy for just $20 for folk in the UK I got my copy from Newsstand.

I wish I was a chimp