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New release on Damon & Naomi's 20-20-20 label

Kassin, slowly dreaming
Damon & Naomi have just announced the next record on their 20-20-20 label. The release will be by Brazillian musician Alexandre Kassin. The album, released under the name Kassin, is called Sonhando Devagar (which translates as Slowly Dreaming) and was originally released in Brazil in 2011. It is now getting its first release on vinyl and outside of Brazil.

Kassin’s first songwriting project since the +2’s, and his first proper solo release, is likewise a concept album: a set of songs about dreams. This is no routine mishmash of oneiric whimsy, however; Kassin’s unconscious turns out to be both lucid and precise. He dreams (and therefore sings) about eating zebra (“Natural World”) and bananas (“Potassium”); about losing cell phone signal (“Out of Service”) and his heart (“When You Are Dancing Samba”); about sex in a handicapped bathroom (“Gym Pants”), and the similarities between ice cream and bodily fluids (“Absorb You”). It is a journey as deadpan as it is surprising. And you can dance to the whole thing.

The album is available on LP through 20-20-20 and comes in a 3D gatefold sleeve (with a download code of course).