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Extracurricular: Videos by Naomi Yang

While things are currently quiet on the Damon & Naomi front, Naomi has been busy making videos - here are the two latest...

Living, Loving, Partygoing by Future Bible Heroes

Mass Ave by Tanya Donnelly

Also... Damon has been the opposite of quiet in the current debate about Spotify and Free music - check out a stack of articles over here - also keep an eye on his always great Twitter account.

Damon Krukowski - Free Music (Pitchfork)

One way we could start is to collectively acknowledge that nobody can really claim digital streams as exclusive property. So let them flow freely-- from everyone, fans included-- instead of only from companies that have cut deals with the copyright holders. Services like Spotify might continue to operate as they are, with their pittance of revenue sharing, but they would have to compete in an open market of free streaming by musicians and fans.