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Temperature's Rising: An Oral History of Galaxie 500 will come with limited 7" single

Temperature's Rising

UPDATE 2: 2013-03-16
You are now able to order the limited edition (and regular) edition of Temperature's Rising from the Yetipublishing website. The regular copy costs $19.95 and the limited edition for $45 - prices are post paid to the US butyou'll have to pay extra for overseas postage. The limited edition is of 275 numbered copies and as well as 7" single includes a band photograph signed by the photographer. The book will be available from April 15th.</p>

Here's the description lifted from the Yeti site:

Galaxie 500’s artistic vision, visceral and emotional yet also elegant and understated, extended from their incomparable recordings to bassist Naomi Yang's design aesthetic: album covers, posters, photography. This book offers both an oral history of a celebrated band and a lush tour of their personal archives. It weaves together interviews with the band members (Naomi Yang, Dean Wareham, Damon Krukowski) and their music scene peers and many collaborators, accompanied by a stunning array of rare and never before seen photographs, artwork, and ephemera.

There's also a limited edition that includes a 7" single and a ltd. print band portrait by Macioce, signed by the photographer. The 7" features "Temperature's Rising" b/w "Crazy (which was slated to be the band's second single but has never appeared on vinyl before), and is in a limited numbered edition of 275 copies.

Head over to Yeti Publishing website to pre-order the book.</ins>

UPDATE: 2013-03-16
The editor/compiler of the book Mike McGonigal popped up to clarify a few things about the book, the single and the distribution of both - below is what he wrote (the emphasis of the important bits is mine)</p>

The 7" is only available via a special limited edition. We'll get that link up on our wonky little website, hopefully by Monday. The limited edition will only be available direct from us. The book itself will have great distribution via PGW to bookshops, and most likely via Mississippi Records distro to record shops. Amazon's pre-order price is pretty good and the books will arrive in their distribution centers at the start of next month so they'll also ship before AMZN's posted release date.

As soon as I have details of where you can order the limited edition of the book I'll post here but it'd probably be worth watching the book's Facebook page because that's where I'll probably be getting my information!</ins>

The long, long wait for Mike McGonigal's oral history of Galaxie 500 is (apparently) almost over and as a special treat, that makes the more than two-year lead time worthwhile is that a limited number of copies of the book will come with a limited edition 7" single of Temperature's Rising b/w Crazy - here's how the news was broken on the book's Facebook page...

TEMPERATURE'S RISING/ CRAZY. One of those songs has never been on vinyl before. It was slated to be the second Galaxie 7" but never got released. Good designer pal of the band's made the artwork for the sleeve. There will also be a color print signed by photographer Mike Macioce. Limited 275 copies of special edition.

I'll let you know as soon as I do (well just after - need to make sure I get a copy!!) when and how you can go about ordering it!