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Friday recycling: Galaxie 500 at Roskilde

Obviously "Friday recycling" will eventually involve me re-recycling... like this

On the back of the treat that was the video of Galaxie 500 at Glastonbury that turned up on Dimeadozen earlier in the week here's a great recording of their complete show at The Roskilde Festival in Denmark a couple of weeks later. I wrote it up better before and took the opportunity to point out Dean's opinion on festivals (because it's similar to mine) "The truth is that you hate most of the bands. Well, you hate their music, and isn’t that the same thing?" - he had a similar dig at festivals in his Tokyo diary published a couple of days ago by The Paris Review "they come for the festival experience, that feeling of a rock-show community that, frankly, I never quite get myself".

But for all that the Roskilde show sounds like it was worth it (and the Glastonbury video had me sad that I didn't make the effort all those years ago).

Download Galaxie 500 at The Roskilde Festival – 1990 (68MB via Mediafire)