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Video of Galaxie 500 at Glastonbury in 1990

A previously uncirculated DVD of bands playing at the 1990 Glastonbury Festival has just turned up on Dimeadozen - it includes four tracks by Galaxie 500 (Decomposing Trees, Melt Away, Snowstorm and Ceremony) and during Snowstorm you can spot Kramer turning up on stage (as mentioned in Black Postcards

In the middle of our third song I heard a sound behind me - it sounded like someone else was playing guitar. Kramer, He had given the house sound engineer some pointers and had quickly made his way through the crowd to the stage, where he found my spare guitar and a spare amplifier. He couldn't resist - he was Kramer. He wanted to play the big stage at Glastonbury.

Visit Dimeadozen to grab the whole DVD (you'll need to register)