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Dean plays Galaxie 500 - Irish/UK tour (so far) round-up

Dean & Britta arrived on this side of the pond with just drummer Jason Lawrence meaning that they'd be performing the songs of Galaxie 500 in the format of Galaxie 500 - as a three piece. The first show was at The Workman's Club in Dublin on Friday night...

Next stop was Stereo in Glasgow

  • Spools Paradise has a review "From the second Wareham came on stage the scene was set for an old friend coming home"
  • There's some video clips of Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste and Listen, the Snow Is Falling

Then on to the Leeds (not found any links yet - email me any reviews, pics or videos)

  • Fisherman's Jive Arse Slippers has a short but sweet review saying that they "capture the concentration of the [...] crowd with their Velvet Underground influenced dreamy pop with simplicity and minimalistic pop songs"
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      And last night at The Ruby Lounge in Manchester:

      I'm off to Brighton tomorrow so expect more. If anyone has (or comes across) anything to add to this post either leave a comment or email me.