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Galaxie 500 reissues out today

The deluxe reissues of Galaxie 500's three albums are released today by Domino Records. Each CD is paired with a bonus CD: Today comes with the "Uncollected" set that was collected for the 1996 box set; On Fire has the band's two Peel sessions; This Is Our Music has the live recording from Galaxie 500's last European show in Copenhagen.

Alexis Petridis in The Guardian...

No one is currently offering Galaxie 500's melange of trebly guitar, serpentine basslines, fragile vocals and oddly jazz-inflected drumming (This Is Our Music borrowed its title from Ornette Coleman). Certainly, no one currently sounds like singer Dean Wareham. Listening to his high voice floating wildly off-key in a way that simply wouldn't be allowed these days for fear of upsetting daytime radio play, you're reminded of a vanished age before Auto-Tune, when alt-rock's aims and ambitions and audience were noticeably different.

The albums are available in deluxe double CD packs, LPs (no bonus discs) or as digital downloads.