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North American edition Galaxie 500 reissues shipping now

This was just sent by Damon & Naomi to their mailing list and gives details of the Galaxie 500 reissues and what the differences are between the 20|20|20 (North American) versions and the Domino (rest of the world) version. Sorry for the big cut and paste...

The new CD reissues of Galaxie 500 on 20/20/20 are in stock and shipping now from our website. These are 2-CD editions, pairing each of the three original Galaxie 500 albums with a bonus disc of archival material --

Today, with second bonus disc Uncollected (rarities and outtakes)
On Fire, with second bonus disc Peel Sessions (recorded for BBC Radio 1's John Peel Show)
This Is Our Music, with second bonus disc Copenhagen (recorded live by Danish National Radio)
Price is $15 each, plus shipping.

To anticipate a question some of you might have: the tracklists and mastering of these CDs are identical to those out later this month from Domino Records in the UK (and to the previous editions of these discs released by Rykodisc), but the packaging differs slightly -- the 20/20/20 booklets feature a color reproduction of the complete original LP art for that album, plus liner notes by Byron Coley discussing all six discs in the collection, illustrated with black and white photos of the band. The discs are housed in thinline 2-CD jewel cases.

Domino's packaging, also in jewel cases, will look the same from the outside, but they elected to omit the back of the original LP covers from the booklet, and instead added images taken from Rykodisc's previous packaging of the bonus discs. They also added liner notes by UK music writers, which can be found on their website. Other aspects of the booklet design, including the images of the band, differ as well.

Damn looks like I'll need to buy both sets!