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Silly Fourth of July competition...

A fine but failed effort
A fine but failed effort

About a year ago I set the challenge for someone to take a picture that proved that the Empire State building was no bigger than a nickel - the challenge was met with tumbleweed - so...

I have a bunch of duplicate CDs from various Track & Field lucky dips (incl. The Clientele, Mahogony etc) I've bought over the last few years so I'll give one (or more) of my dupe CDs to the person who can provide me with the the best...

  • ...picture of the Empire State Building proving that it is no bigger than a nickel
  • ...poem called "a dog biscuit" that might not impress a poetry loving dog
  • ...picture of a poem written physically on a dog biscuit

Entries either emailed to me, linked to me, posted in the comments or posted on the facebook (or anywhere else I can see/read it e.g. flickr, a blog, etc.).

I am the judge and will choose based on whatever makes me smile (or drop my jaw in awe).

Entries preferably by the Fourth of July