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More details on the Galaxie 500 vinyl reissues...

The last post was hastily chucked together before work yesterday so here's a bit more detail on the Galaxie 500 vinyl resissues. The vinly is described as being "Super Deluxe" although I haven't managed to identify what this entails but the More Sad Hits reissue was very lovely so I have no reason to believe that these will be any different. I'll try and track down the technical details for trhe audiophiles out there!


Update: The technical details...

Videos are 480x320 mp4 files, and are compatible with iPods and iPhones.

Vinyl editions are remastered by Alan Douches and Kramer at West West Side Music, cut by Kevin Gray at AcousTech, pressed to virgin vinyl at RTI, and packaged in old-fashioned tip-on style jackets at Stoughton. T-shirts are Fruit of the Loom. In the 80s, that's all there was.


The albums are avaialble in the following ways...

Individual LPs are available from Damon & Naomi's website for $15 per album + shipping.

You can also buy packages containing the vinyl and including downloads either as mp3 or Apple lossless. These packages can be bought from the Galaxie 500 online store...

  • $9.99 for digital download only
  • $24.99 per album for LP + digital download (+ shipping)
  • $69.99 for all three albums on LP + digital download (+ shipping)
  • $79.99 for all three albums on LP + digital download + T-shirt (+ shipping)

You can also add a T-shirt to any of the packages for an extra $10

The physical items will be shipped starting Monday July 6th

You can download Fourth of July for free in return for your email address.