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Complete Galaxie 500 catalogue on eMusic

The complete Galaxie 500 catalogue has just been added to the subscription download service eMusic and in celebration the eMusic blog 17 dots is highly praising the live album Copenghagen.

Dean Wareham’s voice is loose, his guitar sharpened to an edge we never heard on the records. Damon Krukowski’s drums are almost transparent, these polite, folded sheets of cymbals that provide a mis-en-scene as much as they do a rhythmic structure. And finally Naomi Yang, the secret hero of this record, whose bass is arguably the most dominant force on Copenhagen, due to both the mix (heavy on the low) and her aggressive performance.

If you're not a member and would like to give it a try eMusic offers a risk free trial where you get 25 downloads to keep even if you cancel your subscription (which would get you the whole of Today and On Fire with a couple of tracks to spare!). eMusic has stacks of other great music including tracks by Damon & Naomi, Dean & Britta (and here) and Luna (although nothing that was released on Elektra).

Some albums offered are only available in certain areas, for example Penthouse is available in Europe but I suspect is not available in North America.