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13 Most Beautiful DVD review on the TCM blog

There's a nice in depth review of "13 Most Beautiful" over at Movie Morlocks the official TCM movies blog. Although they sadly failed to get Britta's name right...

Wareham and Murphy [sic] are, hands down, the ideal collaborators for this project as their music has always had a dreamy, drug-induced quality, even in their new incarnation as “Dean & Britta.” In their previous group Luna, you can hear the ghosts of the Velvet Underground haunting the hallways of songs like “Tiger Lily” and “Chinatown.” The duo has also become accomplished in film scoring (The Squid and the Whale, Just Like the Son, Margot at the Wedding) in the past few years so their instincts about setting the proper mood for the screen test at hand is often impeccable

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