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Anthony - photo by Kyle Dean Reinford

Over at Dean has just posted to the blog hinting (but not telling) at which bank to hang out at if you want to meet celebrities...

I walked out in a bit of a huff, and who should I run into by the ATM machines but comedian Todd Barry. We chatted for a bit about our summer plans [...] I told Todd about my banking troubles.

"You need to talk to the assistant manager," he said. "She can take care of that."

[...] Just then in walks Sean Eden (he has an account at the same branch).

The meat of the post however, was to announce the departure of Anthony LaMarca from the Dean & Britta touring band (off to join St Vincent's band) and to fill us in on who'll be taking over for the forthcoming shows...

we have a couple of people lined up to take Anthony’s place on the drum throne. Jason Lawrence (of the Caledonia Mission) will play our shows June 4-5-6, where we’ll be playing Dean & Britta songs and a bunch by Galaxie 500 too. And Lee Waters (who has played with Essex Green and Camera Obscura) will be taking over on the upcoming Screen Test shows.

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