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13 Most Beautiful concert review on The Huffington Post

Robert Loerzel has a good review of one of Dean & Britta's recent Chicago performances of 13 Most Beautiful in The Huffington Post...

At this show, Dean & Britta sounded more like the V.U. than ever. Other than a few loud moments, they stayed on the more delicate end of the V.U. groove, with that trademark sound of tamped-down urgency pulsing underneath the chords. While Wareham and Britta Phillips don't sound precisely like Lou Reed and Nico when they sing, their languid vocals were a close-enough approximation to set the right mood for the screen tests.

There's also an in depth review at Venus Zine of the same show and links to a few more of Kirstiecat's photos (I posted a link to a lovely Kirstiecat picture earlier in the week)