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Political prisoner released

You may remember a couple of months back that excellent blog The Sound of Indie decided to hold a recording of Dean & Britta’s Galaxie 500 show at the Zipper Factory hostage to prevent Howard Wolfson, pundit for the vile media outlet Fox News, getting his paws on it. The recording would be kept locked up until the outcome of the election proved that despite Fox News’ finest efforts, the US voters were ready to embrace change.

Today The Sound of Indie kept its promise and has made available the entire show for download.

I do apologize for not being faster in posting the show. Naturally, I was tempted to post this on the Wednesday after the election but then I was seized with a cold shudder that made me reconsider: the thought of Howard passing this recording to one of his nefarious colleagues. This beloved recording falling in the hands of consummate tools like Ralf Reed and Karl Rove is a risk I still can’t take lightly.

Anyway, here it is and we thank you all for your patience. Enjoy.