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The excellent blog The Sound of Indie recenly posted a lovely sounding track from Dean & Britta's "Galaxie 500 show" from a few weeks back (see previous post), I was among a number of people who pleaded for an opportunity to hear the whole show. Sadly Howard Wolfson a pundit for the vile "media" outlet Fox News apparantly also contacted the blog asking for more. The Sound of Indie responded...

I appreciate your interest in the Dean & Britta show and congrats on your new blog. I am in a bit of a quandary since it seems you are associated with Fox News. I, for one take to heart the simple axiom: “You are only as good as the company you keep”, which in the case of Fox News, as a company, doesn’t get any worse. Regardless your politically leanings or good intentions, you are simply another tool for the colossal super-conducting super-colliding horseshit/noise-generating machine that is Fox News.


So concerning the Dean & Britta show: If Obama wins this election, you and all TSOI readers will get a copy of the truly sublime recording. If, however, the unconscionable happens - that those other two are elected - no one will hear that full recording and Fox News will largely be to blame.

Saddened as I am not to be getting my paws on this recording (yet) I have to admire the stand taken by The Sound of Indie and point out that there are lots of reasons to vote Obama/Biden, and lots, LOTS more NOT TO VOTE FOR McCain/Palin...but just in case you needed another one...

In the meantime The Sound of Indie has posted another track from the show to whet your appetite...

Dean & Britta - Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste

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