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Dean Wareham interview in The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe has an interview/article about Black Postcards which covers the break up of Galaxie 500 and specifically comparing the two sides of the story. The article, Making (and losing) the band, also has quotes from Kramer and a "no comment" comment from Damon & Naomi.

Wareham made the provocative choice to open his memoir with a comment from Krukowski, taken from a 1997 interview in which he accuses the band's frontman of duplicity and egomania: "Naomi and I had developed a strong distrust of Dean, which in the end turned out to be not nearly strong enough - we were blind-sided, despite our misgivings about the person he was becoming," the passage begins. Wareham goes on to spill plenty of ink recounting his version of events. He is clear-eyed and occasionally harsh about everyone involved, himself included

"I wasn't intending to settle scores with the book but I couldn't help myself," says Wareham, a New Zealand native who moved to New York as a teen. "Somebody directed me to that interview, which is posted on Damon & Naomi's website. We can't be happy with everything everyone says, and if it wasn't out there being displayed, if people didn't still ask me about it, I wouldn't have used it in the book. But it was a pretty scathing attack on me."

Dean Wareham's memoir Black Postcards is released on Wednesday