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You Turn(ed) My Head Around video

As mentioned in my previous post the new video for Dean & Britta's You Turned My Head Around hit the web yesterday - it's now turned up on YouTube which means you can watch it without leaving the comfort of A Head Full of Wishes. The video is a sweet gem and features Britta cycling (on a very cool looking bike) around singing and looking gorgeous, and Dean on foot (in some very nice shoes) walking around and looking gorgeous.

My obsessive nature requires me however to be bothered by what the song is called, is it...

"You Turned My Head Around" (which is what's written on the CD, which is what I always thought was being sung, what I put in my database, what this Lee Hazlewood website calls it and what I think Britta sings in the second and third choruses.


"You Turn My Head Around" (which is pretty much everywhere else, including in this video, on the Dean & Britta website, Amazon and Musicbrainz (for both the Ann-Margaret and Dean & Britta versions), on Dean's hand-written setlists and what Britta seems to sing in the first chorus.

Maybe we should have a vote...

OK - Dean got in touch with me and here's the position...

  • original (Lee Hazlewood/Ann-Margaret) 7" single
  • rights society (ASCAP)
  • (and because of that) on the sleeve of Back Numbers


  • The Cowboy & The Lady (CD release)
  • the video

Which I'm going to take as a fairly resounding victory for "Turned" and I'm off to fix Musicbrainz!