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Best of Luna - European release

Dean & Britta’s website has a news item stating that Beggars Banquet will release the European edition of Best of Luna in October

Beggar’s Banquet will release a European version of the “Best Of Luna” on 10/9/06. The deluxe 2-CD edition contains one disc of original tracks from the Luna catalogue plus a bonus disc containing cover versions that the band recorded over the years.

The astonishingly out-of-date Beggars website has no information and the release hasn’t turned up for pre-order on Amazon as yet…but we should be patient as Dean mentioned to me a while back that…

the Beggar’sversion will have 17 covers (including “Sweet Child o’ Mine” and “Only Women Bleed” and “Jealous Guy”, which are not on the iTunes album).

As soon as I hear confirmation I’ll post it here and pop it into the featured items on the shiny new Amazon (UK) shop