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Luna at The Embassy Rooms, London 1999

Hot - really hot.

I arrived just in time to catch support act Scott4 who were OK - I sort ofliked when they drifted off into Krautrock-ish grooves, once the singer hadstopped singing the songs tended to get better - not that he was bad I justpreferred them when he was doing something else (and there were plenty ofinstruments he could diddle about with).

Luna arrived on stage and launched into Pup Tent and proceeded to play arather wonderful little greatest hits package, I have to agree with Ian’sobservation about the Pup Tent stuff really working well live, they openedwith a cracking “Pup Tent” and did a very good “IHOP” later on. Oh lots ofother stuff “Time to Quit”, “Chinatown”, “Tiger Lily”, “SuperfreakyMemories”, “Dear Diary”, “23 Minutes…”.

They finished with a truly wonderful take of “Friendly Advice” and left thestage to rapturous applause.

Two years between Luna shows is way too long, but this was a good enough showthat I managed to forgive them. I left a very happy (and extremely sweaty -it was hot!) man.

I managed to grab a few words (of the “you were great” kind) with Dean andJustin after the show - which was very enjoyable for me and probably a bitscary for them (fat, scruffy, unshaven and dripping with sweat I wouldn’tlike to have met myself!).

And no Justin isn’t nearly as tall as I thought he was, and Dean is cute.

OK that’ll do - I need a shower.