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Review: First date of the European tour

by Carsten Wohlfeld

Luna opened their first full European tour in Cologne, Germany last Tuesday in front of less than 50 people. They all looked very tired, no wonder, as they only arrived from NYC 10 hours prior to showtime!
The show started out pretty slow, Dean and Sean had major troubles with their guitars (they spent more time re-tuning than playing). That a lot of people didn’t seem to be familiar with the “Romantica” stuff, which made up most of the first half of the show didn’t help either.

Things did improve in the second half though, when both the band and the audience seem to wake up a little.

Among the songs played (not complete nor in order): “Lovedust”, “1995”, “Seashore”, “Black Postcards”, “Mermaid Eyes”, 4000 days”, “Tiger Lily”, “Pup Tent”, “23 Minutes in Brussels” and a very welcome “Slow Song”.

For the grand finale we got a very nice “Bonnie and Clyde” and they returned for a two song encore as well. They came close to playing “Ride Into the Sun” (a request, but Sean couldn’t remember how it started). They did “California” instead (another audience request) plus a stunning “Fourth of July” which - funnily enough - nobody in the audience seemed to recognize.

They were too lazy to display any merch, however Sean sold shirts (two designs) and the new Jetset mini album out of a suitcase after the show, the cd was 12 EURO, the shirts 15 EURO, i think.

I wasn’t overwhelmed (due to the slow first half), but with the possible exception of “Superfreaky Memories” they played all my fave tunes and the last four songs alone made it worth it for me.

The show lasted about 80 minutes.