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On the night of the 11 February 1990 Galaxie 500 where supposed to be supporting indie flavour-of-the-month The Sundays at the Town and Country club, sadly Sundays singer Harriet had a sore throat and the show was cancelled. This recording was from the hastily arranged show that Galaxie 500 played just down the road at the Camden Falcon.
Unfortunately I never found out about this until the following weeks NME reviewed the show. We stood outside the Town & Country scouring a Time Out for alternative entertainment, could find nothing of interest and drove back to the Mean Fiddler (driving past the Falcon in the process) and seeing dreadful Dylan wannabe Andy White.
The Sundays rescheduled for later in the month but sadly Galaxie 500 where no longer available to provide support.

Galaxie 500 - When Will You Come Home (mp3)

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