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live album, label uncertainty and film stardom

LUNA’s two recent shows at Ney York’s Knitting Factory (14th/15 July) were both recorded and the band hope to release a live album to fill the gap between now and when a new album is ready, however it is unclear just who will be releasing either the live album or their next studio release. In the interview Dean said that “we’re between contracts right now, so we decided that’s the moment to do it, because if you’re under contract to someone, then whatever recordings you do are owned by the label. We figured we could sneak one in before we get a new record deal”.The article states that the bands former label Jericho Records “went under” but that the group had already received enquiries from a number of labels interested in releasing the live recordings.In the same interview Dean mentioned his involvement in aforthcoming film called “This Little Piggy” which is due to start shooting in the next couple of months. He said “someone gave me the lead in a movie. It’s an independent film with this woman I know [Alison Bagnall], she co-wrote ‘Buffalo ‘66’. She’s making another film, and she gave me a part in that”