I started writing this when I got to the Ls back in November - despite what it says below in the post I decided to NOT 'go with it' ... until the sad news of Phil Everly's passing forced my hand. RIP Phil.

Roots - The Everly Brothers

I was sort of in a dilemma as to whether to include songs that were released after I started the series but decided to go with it, even though it means that this track, included in the digital release of Emancipated Hearts, gets a post but the terrific Incredible String Band cover Air on the album proper won't get a look in, as I'm long past the As...

But, when I visited the list of covers, there it was... so...

Living Too Close to The Ground was written by The Everly Brothers bassist Terry Slater for their 1968 album Roots.
[youtube http://youtu.be/4LcirdCj0WQ]

And, as mentioned, Dean recorded it in 2012 and released it as a bonus track on his 2013 small LP "Emancipated Hearts"