Dec 062013

Anthony and Dean

I was at work yesterday afternoon counting down the seconds to Dean Wareham’s first London show for two and a half years when an email arrived

might not make it to London today. Our train has been sitting on the tracks for 2 hours and we are just outside Manchester

This was followed by flurries of tweets and email and Facebook posts as good folk tried to work out how to get the band to London, ultimately the best advice was probably sit tight and eventually the train started moving.

The band arrived late, but arrived, and with a later start than scheduled, Jason Quever of Papercuts rushed though a short and sweet support set, joined for the last couple of songs by Britta and (drummer) Anthony.

Dean arrived onstage with Britta, Anthony and Jason making up the band and opened with Love Is Colder Than Death and followed it with a very wonderful set of new and old, the old including Galaxie 500s Tell Me, When Will You Come Home, and of course Tugboat & Luna’s Moon Palace and Lost in Space.

Encore was a sensational Don’t Let Our Youth Go to Waste and Ceremony.

A splendid end to a gig that almost didn’t happen.
Dean Wareham

Nice to meet some friends and fans… Robert, Alex, Richard, Paul and anyone else I said hello to, and thanks to Nat Sonic Cathedral.

Stacks more pictures here

This post has been written on my phone I’ll jazz it up at the weekend just wanted to get the thoughts down.

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  1. […] had! Arrived at the church with my son at 7:30 and took up position behind the seats, same place as last night, so Britta is, once again obscured in any photos I tool – mind you I’d forgotten my […]

  2. Satisfaction is the greatest reward …

  3. What a beautiful setting. It looks so ethereal. Moon Palace. I remember when I would grow tired of hearing it live. Now I would give anything to hear it once again. Anyone heading to Paris? Though seeing them in Brooklyn is always a treat (and convenient) I would really enjoy following them on a tour through Europe. Just listened to the nyc taper recording of Dean playing G500 from Maxwell’s on 1.13.11. I remember how cool I thought it was hearing ‘listen the snow if falling’ live while we were in the midst of an actual snowstorm in NJ (they played snowstorm also). Sorry for the digression. This time of year I think about the last time I heard them play ‘super freaky memories’ at the penultimate bowery show with the accompaniment of the wonderful Jane Scarpantoni on cello.

    • I’ll be at the show in Paris. I remember the last time I saw them in London was in late 2010, I almost did not make it as the train from Paris was stuck because of a snow storm. I barely arrived on time with my suitcase at the Relentless Garage. It was part of the “Dean Wareham plays Galaxie 500″ tour and they played Snowstorm. They played a few times in France in 2011, my last show was Britta’s solo show in Philly in 2012.

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