• Title: Whispers
  • Written by:


There's a train of thought
Making all the local stops
Here's where I get off
That is where I fall
There's a rule of thumb
That comes in handy
It isn't just your word
It's who you give it to

Can you hear the whispers?
The deafening whispers
Can you hear the whispers?
Ganging up on me

Airport time
Moves so quickly
In the airport lights
We look so sickly
Remember the caress
Of your magical fingers
I did a foolish thing
I must be a fool

My mind is playing tricks on me,
My life is catchin' up with me
It's so damn hard to disentangle
My emotions
If we ask for the impossible,
Maybe they will give it to us
Could it really be...
Our luck is coming back?


Intro, Verse
G, C, D

(provided by Drew)

On Fire | 30

A 30th anniversary celebration of Galaxie 500's masterpiece

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