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Rainbow Babe


  • Title: Rainbow Babe
  • Written by:


Souvenirs, soft and sweet
Clap your hands and tap your feet
Ring your bells and paint your toes
Rainbow babe

Aquavit, in plastic cups
Feathered drums and lipstick butts
RIng your bells and paint your toes
Rainbow babe

Midnight fell, at 12 o'clock
And your lips, said ticker tock
Two and two, makes twenty two
Rainbow babe

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Played live

by Luna

This is collected from set list data which is incomplete

29th November 2003 Knitting Factory, New York NY, USA
Luna setlist
7th February 2005 Harlows Night Club, Sacramento CA, USA
Luna setlist
21st January 2017 The Chapel, San Francisco, CA, USA
Luna setlist poster