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Motel Bambi


  • Title: Motel Bambi
  • Written by:


Dog day romance, key lime pie
Valium sunset, hazy sky
Motel bambi
Where has all the sunshine gone?

Mystic rattlers, 8 eyed spy
Hong kong garden, spanish fly
Motel Bambi
Where has all the sunshine gone?

We don't belong here
We can't compete
We don't belong, anymore

I like flowers, I like sex
Cover all the mirrors
I think I'm gonna cry
It's Tuesday morning
Where have all the good times gone?

Taxi drivers, yellow hands
Cosmic dancers, on golden sands
Motel Bambi
Tell me where the good times have gone

We don't belong
We can't complete
We don't belong, anymore

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by Luna

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21st January 2017 The Chapel, San Francisco, CA, USA
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