• Title: City Kitty
  • Written by:


In rented tuxedoes
The guests will arrive
Smiling and smoking
Chewing and choking
Women int heir favourite shoes
Thinking dark disturbing thoughts
All of them together
Making trips to the bathroom
Blackeyed susans
And chilled potatoes
High balls and low
A pinch and a punch
Invisible to mirrors
You fly around the room
Tell me the password
Banana cream pie

So get up off the floor
And play with me some more
Come down to my side
And tell me green-eyed lies
We'll find a magic spell
To turn this much to gold
Well promises don't grow on trees

Playin' the oujia board
In front of the fire
It told me to do
Unspeakable things
Mixed in a cocktail
Of muddles emotions
Stinky and winky
Drinky and stinky

They made me dance
They made me sing
The boring bibble babble
The dreary dibble dabble
The bustle and the vanity
The hustle and insanity
Clowning and towning
Frowning and drowning


Em, G, A

E, G, D, A

(provided by Drew)