• Title: Bobby Peru
  • Written by:



I told lies to your family
Concerning your whereabouts
They feel so sorry for me
I invented jealous stories
My imagination ran wild
I made myself so angry
The night that you insulted me
I lay awake thinking
Clever things I could have said
My thoughts kept turning to Bobby Peru
How would he handle this one

'S' is for sorry for all that I did
Now is the time to turn it all around
I know what is the matter so why can't I fix it
Forgive me please

I had lunch with an old girlfriend
Who knows all my faults
And pretends to want to help
She said I really don't mind
Your keeping secrets from me
But please don't keep them from yourself
Murder is bad, and suicide is sad
Why would a girl like that put her head in the oven?
You have your theories, and I got one too
It's such a waste


the chords are G | D | Am | C 
(provided by Jonathan)