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#150: Mutton Gun - III (with Wood)

Mutton Gun (or MuttonGun or Muttongun) are another of Justin Harwood’s other projects who made three albums in the early 1990s and I’m making a few assumptions about Dean’s involvement in this, their third, released in 1994. Hopefully someone can clarify things.

Mutton Gun - III (with Wood)
Mutton Gun - III (with Wood)

So, this is my thinking…

  • Dean was credited, it seems twice, on the first Mutton Gun album Amplexus, one of those credits was as Dong Wareham (so that album will appear in this series at some point).
  • (Their second album Into the Hogger has a great muddle of credits and nonsense on the sleeve but none of which seem to suggest Dean’s involvement - scratched into the run out groove is the question “DEAN WHERE ARE YOU?”).
  • III (with Wood) has a credit for “dong weener with spacesuit (thanks for the use of the moonbuggy)”.

I’m assuming that dong weener = Dong Wareham = Dean Wareham, and if that’s the case he gets a credit on III (with Wood), however “with spacesuit” and “use of the moonbuggy” doesn’t clarify whether Dean actually contributed anything to the album that you can actually hear.

Luna’s then drummer Stanley Demeski is certainly the credit that reads “thanks to stan dementos for the drums (Jersey Rules!!)” - but even that is unclear whether it’s for the sound of the drums or the physical object!

The album was produced by Kramer (and Mutton Gun) and released on his Kokopop label.

I do like all of the Mutton Gun albums, although they do occasionally get as messy as the albums sleeve credits, but I think I like this one best, the opening track Rain, Rain is some top-notch 90s indie. Although their persistent use of snippets from film and TV between the songs does get a little bit annoying… but it is one of their things, a USP?!

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 10/146
  • Artist: MuttonGun
  • Title: III (with Wood)
  • Format: CD
  • I can’t remember where or when I bought this, but have had it a long time. No stickers on the case for clues.
  • Buy ‘III (with Wood)’ on Bandcamp