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#145: Galaxie 500 @ CBGB's - 19th October 1990 (MC)

I have long since forgotten how most of the bootlegs (cassettes or CDs) arrived in my collection but I’m very clear on this tape of Galaxie 500 at CBGB’s in 1990 for a few reasons.

In the very early days of the website and mailing list I started a correspondence with Lauren Axelrod who was in the band Dart. As I’ve never been an initiator I’ll have to assume that she kicked this off. We exchanged mix tapes - the one she sent me was packed with fab obscurities, the one I sent her she pretty much knew everything on it! She also sent me this tape of Galaxie 500 at CBGBs in 1990.

I met Lauren once at a Luna show at The Garage in 1995, I don’t remember much except the following

  • She knew friends of mine I didn’t know she knew.
  • She tried to talk me into talking to Dean after the show, I didn’t (and wouldn’t for a few years).

The recording dates from around the release of This Is Our Music and isn’t too bad. The tape arrived (with a mix tape) and a letter from Lauren written on the back of a press release for The Cruel Sea’s The Honeymoon is Over - in the space at the end of the Galaxie 500 tape she included an early version of Dart’s cover of The Field Mice’s And Before The First Kiss that then turned up as the b-side of Dart’s first single - “it’s a bit self-indulgent to put it on the tape but oh well, I’m proud of [it]” - I do love Dart’s version, although it was a bit of a surprise on first listen.

I lost touch with Lauren, as I did with so many of the folk from back then, mainly because I’m a bit rubbish at maintaining friendships. I hope she’s doing fine.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 16/009
  • Artist: Galaxie 500
  • Title: 1990-10-19: CBGBs, New York, NY, USA
  • Format: MC

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