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#139: Mercury Rev - Car Wash Hair

I’m guessing that, since the catalogue number of Mercury Rev’s Car Wash Hair was MINT5 and Dean Wareham’s Anesthesia was MINT6, that this might have been Dean’s first post-Galaxie 500 appearance - although I suspect it passed me by at the time and I think I probably only became aware of Dean’s involvement when I started the website in late 1994 and picked up a CD around then.

Mercury Rev - Car Wash Hair
Mercury Rev - Car Wash Hair
The same fuck-ups showed up for this shit just like the last shit Except: Winner Dean Wareham who proved to us the short-lived beauty of white chocolate before crumbling on a Deluxe an' pushing air into a crystal

Car Wash Hair sleeve notes

I love Mercury Rev, but maybe it’s my DW bias that makes me think that this is the best thing they ever did!

There’s a fab clip of Dean and Britta with Grasshopper and Jonathan playing this live:

I love that the kid seen at the end is providing the missing drums… also that kid is possibly in (or close to) his 20s now! Laura Levine has some nice photos of the day.

Luna covered Car Wash Hair for A Sentimental Education but (sacrilege alert) I don’t think it’s as good as the original!

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 10/167
  • Artist: Mercury Rev
  • Title: Car Wash Hair
  • Notes: with Dean Wareham
  • Packaging: Slim jewel case
  • Format: CD single