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Latest Bandbox news

I have just received the following communication in relation to the Bandbox affair which suggests that some (up to 70%) of orders will be fulfilled so there is hope that some of us will be finally getting our live Luna albums. I haven’t figured out how they decide who’s orders fall into the 70% to be fulfilled (maybe someone with eyes that don’t glaze over at the sight of a legal document can figure that out!)

These are the legal docs that are linked to from the email if anyone has the patience/inclination.

It does appear that Bandbox will become Vinylbox?

As you know, Bandbox filed an Assignment for Benefit of Creditors. The Assignee has now entered into an agreement to sell the assets of Bandbox. The Assignee has filed a motion requesting that the Court approve the sale, the distribution of the net proceeds and the final report and discharge of the Assignee. Linked at the bottom of this email you will find the documents filed in this case. The Court has scheduled a hearing on this for June 6th, 2024.

As part of the sale, the purchaser, Haughton Elevator Company LLC has agreed to facilitate the fulfillment of certain of the prepaid orders outstanding with Bandbox. To that end, Haughton has issued the following statement:

“We at Haughton know first-hand how upsetting Bandbox’s cease in operations has been. We diligently worked with Lighthouse Management Group to reach this agreement and are well positioned to make this right. Upon approval, VinylBox, our partner, will begin the process to ensure customers receive any available vinyl orders that were originally placed with Bandbox.”

Further information from Haughton Elevator Company LLC is available at https://vinylbox.co and bandbox@vinylbox.co.

Email from Bandbox - 7th May 2024

One of the linked documents contains these clauses:

18. In addition to the purchase price and surrender of the Note to the Assignee, the Buyer has agreed to assume certain liabilities which are detailed on Exhibit 3 of the APA. In assuming those liabilities, the Buyer has agreed to deliver more than 8,400 albums from the purchased assets to over 4,300 customers who had previously paid for those orders.

19. Lighthouse has determined that accepting the Buyer’s offers is in the best interest of the Company and its creditors. In particular, while not all customer prepaid orders will be fulfilled, more than 70% of the orders will be fulfilled which represents approximately $675,000.

Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors of Bandbox, Inc.