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Recent acquisition #07 and #08: Luna - Live Bewitched and Live Rendezvous

In January 2017 Luna played three nights in San Francisco, on each night playing one of their albums in full, Bewitched on the first night followed by Penthouse and Rendezvous. The shows were recorded and eventually released digitally on Bandcamp Fridays in February, March and April of 2022. In March 2023 Bandbox announced they were going to release the Penthouse show as a double live LP, and in June added that they would also release the Bewitched and Rendezvous shows.

Luna - Live Bewitched and Live Penthouse
Luna - Live Bewitched and Live Penthouse

The promised release dates, first July, and then October, slipped by with no news and no records. Finally, late in the year, copies of Penthouse and Bewitched made their way into fans collections, but Rendezvous was held up (supposedly by a lack of ‘brown pellets’ for the vinyl, although this was possibly nonsense), and overseas customers were kept waiting until all three were available. Unfortunately Bandbox went under before that could happen. The albums were apparently pressed but Bandbox were unable to pay for them so they never reached the fans. Most overseas users, myself included, never got anything. I’d written off the $120 I had shelled out for the three releases.

A couple of weeks ago Dean & Britta were in Portugal mixing their Christmas album with Sonic Boom and on their return stopped in London for a few days. Dean emailed me and said that he had copies of the Bewitched and Rendezvous LPs for me and would post them to me while they were in London. Coincidentally I was also in London that week, so arranged to meet Dean & Britta at my work for a coffee and so that they could give me the records.

They are lovely LPs, I like the sleeve designs (always love a gatefold sleeve) and they sound great - it’s such a shame that things all went bad with the release.

Hopefully, I’ll get my hands on a copy of Live Penthouse before this series is up!