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#127: Dis Cover - Donna Regina as recorded by... (LP/CD)

I have to admit that my awareness of Donna Regina had been pretty superficial ahead of this tribute album released in 2015. I’d come across reviews and the odd track but hadn’t really followed it up - you’d think a short review like this in Comes With a Smile #13 would have clued me in!

Dis Cover - Donna Regina as recorded by...
Dis Cover - Donna Regina as recorded by...

So, in 2015, when Dean tweeted that they had “recorded [Driving in Your Car] for a tribute to the German duo Donna Regina” it became time to pay a bit more attention to Donna Regina… there is plenty on Bandcamp to help fill those gaps. Including this tribute album (surprisingly still available on LP and CD).

The LP was bought from Bandcamp, so I got a download, and the LP, and a CD that was included in the LP, and a non-Bandcamp download code that was also inlcuded. So… four copies for the price of one.

I’ll have a whine here about how new LPs (that are now so much more expensive than they ever have been) are routinely not including a download code. Which is a rather sad development imo.

Anyway, the album is rather splendid, although it was odd listening to a tribute album without being too familiar with the artist being saluted!

Dean & Britta’s cover opens the album and is, obviously, very lovely.

I’m still playing Donna Regina catch-up… but this is one of my faves so far:

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 12/078
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Title: Dis Cover - Donna Regina as covered by
  • Notes: Came with a CD copy of the album
  • Format: LP/CD
  • Bought from Bandcamp
  • Buy ‘Dis Cover’ on Bandcamp