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#117: Damon & Naomi with Kurihara - A Sky Record (CD)

As mentioned previously Damon & Naomi’s A Sky Record trickled out over the course of a year or so, and its first physical AND listenable incarnation was this CD that was released by Japanese label KiliKiliVilla towards the end of 2021.

Damon & Naomi with Kurihara - A Sky Record (CD)
Damon & Naomi with Kurihara - A Sky Record (CD)

The CD booklet had the song lyrics in English, but tucked inside was also a folded sheet with the lyrics in Japanese.

Damon & Naomi popped some copies of the CD on their website in may 2022 and I bought my copy then for $20 … and just to make the shipping seem less outrageous I also bought a “A Sky Record” T-shirt at the same time. The T-shirt was white, I (almost) never wear anything white because … well, it’s not black! Also, owning almost nothing that is white means I don’t have the skills required to wash white things without them going grey. So, I now have a grey Damon & Naomi T-shirt.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 10/160
  • Artist: Damon & Naomi
  • Title: A Sky Record
  • Notes: Japanese CD
  • Packaging: Jewel case
  • Format: CD
  • Bought from Damon & Naomi’s online store for $20 + shipping
  • Buy ‘A Sky Record’ on Bandcamp

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