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#114: Lou Reed + Luna - Ride Into The Sun (CDR)

This is a CDR of a live recording of Luna playing Ride Into The Sun with Lou Reed on Lou’s Set The Twilight Reeling tour on which Luna supported him in 1996. I have posted about this before in the Artefacts series I did a few years ago so this will be a bit of a cut and paste job. Sorry!

Lou Reed + Luna - Ride Into The Sun (CDR)
Lou Reed + Luna - Ride Into The Sun (CDR)

Dean Wareham sent me this CDR to share on A Head Full of Wishes in early 2004 and asked me not to make public the recording’s provenance. I decided I was absolved of that restriction when Dean himself shared the recording on Soundcloud shortly after Lou’s passing in 2013.

I didn’t get too many exclusives for AHFoW so this was quite exciting - and was the most downloaded mp3 I ever shared as part of my Track of the month series - that’s a link to the Wayback Machine so you can see how lovely my website was back in the early years of the century!

That’s Dean’s handwriting on the CDR and it clearly says that it was live in Boston 1996 but this is the same recording as the one on Soundcloud that claims to be from the following night’s show in NYC. Unless Dean wants to clarify I’m going to assume he was right when he wrote it on the CDR in 2004.

Here’s what I was sent:

… but you get a little bit extra at the front and back if you listen to the version Dean uploaded to Soundcloud.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 10/153
  • Artist: Lou Reed + Luna
  • Title: Ride Into The Sun
  • Packaging: PVC envelope
  • Format: CDR