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#104: Galaxie 500 - Victory Garden (flexi)

This is a flexidisc that contains Galaxie 500’s cover of Red [KC]rayola’s Victory Garden as well as Hail by Straitjacket Fits. It was given away free with the UK trade music magazine The Catalogue in the October/November 1989 edition.

Galaxie 500 / Straitjacket Fits - Victory Garden / Hail (flexi)
Galaxie 500 / Straitjacket Fits - Victory Garden / Hail (flexi)

Technically this ought to have three entries in the series since I have three copies - two are in the magazines section of my catalogue so they almost slipped through the net. These copies have the magazine and all the flexidiscs that came with it. As well as the Galaxie 500/Straitjacket Fits disc there were two others: one with A.C. Temple and Beme Seed; and the other with UT and Mekons. My third copy is just the Galaxie 500 flexi and was filed with my singles.

The magazine has a rather disjointed interview with the band over two pages - I’ve scanned it here if you want to read it.

Here’s Galaxie 500 playing Victory Garden in Deventer in The Netherlands while on tour with Straitjacket Fits in November 1989

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 11/012, AHFOW 05/012/01, AHFOW 05/012/02
  • Artist: Galaxie 500 / Straitjacket Fits
  • Title: Victory Garden / Hail
  • Notes: Free with The Catalogue - October/November 1989
  • Packaging: Stapled into the magazine
  • Format: Flexidisc
  • Bought from eBay