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#101: Luna - Speedbumps / Astronaut / Eyes in My Smoke

Another copy of Luna’s final first-phase single Speedbumps. When Little Teddy Records announced this as a single I wrote to Dean to tell him how pleased I was because “it was the track that cried out ‘single’ when I first heard Rendezvous”.

Luna - Speedbumps single
Luna - Speedbumps single

The b-side has two songs and runs at 33rpm, luckily the label clearly declares what speed you should spin the record at. Track b1, Astronaut, was the first track with music written by Lee Wall that was recorded by Luna (I think he also wrote Star-Spangled Man) - the lyrics were written by Dean. The track was recorded during the Romantica sessions and was released on the Close Cover Before Striking EP and then remixed for Rendezvous.

Astronaut was quite a live regular towards the end of Luna’s first phase but think it might only have been played recently when they performed Rendezvous in full back in 2017.

I moaned last time about the labels claiming this is a double A-side… but it just occurred to me that since the flip has two songs on it does this make it a triple-A side!

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 11/006
  • Artist: Luna
  • Title: Speedbumps / Astronaut / Eyes in My Smoke
  • Format: 7”
  • Bought direct from Little Teddy

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