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Recent acquisition #05: Dean & Britta - Chansons de Vampires

This is the EP that Dean & Britta have sent to their top-tier Patreon supporters and features four cues they made for the Irma Vep TV series in 2022.

Dean & Britta - Chansons de Vampires
Dean & Britta - Chansons de Vampires

Three of the tracks, Le Chat Noir, La Place Maubert and La Valse Brune are interpretations of songs by turn of the 19th/20th century French chanteur Aristide Bruant. The fourth track is a synthy instrumental take on Scott Walker’s Duchess which has been titled ‘Duchesse’ to match the French of the rest of the EP.

The tracks had been previously shared digitally for lower-tier Patreon supporters.

Olivier [Assayas] asked us to create new versions of French chansons originally popularized by cabaret singer Aristide Bruant: “Le Chat Noir” and “La Valse Brune” and to create an instrumental of “Duchess” in a similar vein. We were so happy to be part of this show, if you haven’t seen it, it’s a sequel of sorts to his 1996 Irma Vep film which featured Luna’s “Bonnie & Clyde.” There are some outstanding performances by Alicia Vikander, Vincent Macaigne and Lars Eidinger, who also pops up in the soon-to-be-released Noah Baumbach film, White Noise – and you will spy us in that one too (on screen and in the soundtrack).

The EP is an absolute joy, as you’d imagine, BUT it has the bonus joy of being a proper EP! I can’t remember the last time I got four tracks on a seven inch disc that played at 45rpm!

If you aren’t already (and can afford $4 a month) you should sign up to Dean & Britta’s Patreon - they’ve already shared well over 100 pieces of music, and Dean has read most of Black Postcards!

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 11/082
  • Artist: Dean & Britta
  • Title: Chansons de Vampires
  • Notes: Limited Patreon single
  • Packaging: Wrap around sleeve in plastic bag
  • Format: 7” EP (a real EP)

  • Buy ‘Chansons de Vampires’ on Bandcamp