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#095: Galaxie 500 - Blue Thunder / Victory Garden (promo)

I must admit that I can’t remember the circumstances in which I bemoaned my lack of Galaxie 500 7” singles to Damon and Naomi that prompted them to get me together a beautiful care package, I must have sounded quite pathetic.

Galaxie 500 / Straightjacket Fits split single
Galaxie 500 / Straightjacket Fits split single

I pretty much have now have everything that Galaxie 500 put out on a 7” single† - and most of that is down to that care package. This included.

It’s a promo single with Blue Thunder and Victory Garden on the A-side, and Hail by Straitjacket Fits on the flip. That suggests that it was used to promnote the co-headlining Euro tour that Galaxie 500 and Straitjacket Fits were on in 1990.

The single also gets a thumbs up from me for putting two tracks on one side of a 7” single that spins at 45 rpm, like a proper EP should.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 11/017
  • Artist: Galaxie 500 / Straightjacket Fits
  • Title: Blue Thunder / Victory Garden / Hail
  • Notes: promo
  • Packaging: Generic sleeve with a promo sticker
  • Format: 7”

† There are some white labels and one sided promos on 7” that I don’t have - one of them is currently on Discogs for £350 - I’m a pretty big fan… but…