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#087: Luna - Bobby Peru (7")

Luna’s ‘Bobby Peru’ was released as the second single off their fourth album “Pup Tent”

Luna - Bobby Peru 7
Luna - Bobby Peru 7

“Bobby Peru” is the character played by Willem Defoe in David Lynch’s Wild at Heart, a film I haven’t seen for 25+ years - I should probably rectify that but to be honest, as I get older my tolerance of Lynch has been deteriorating - I think his films suit a younger persons brain? Except maybe Mullholland Drive? There was a time I loved his oddness - I loved Blue Velvet and Wild at Heart, waited obsessively for each new episode of Twin Peaks and even had two different box sets of it. Then I started to rewatch it a few years back and gave up on it halfway through the first season.

I have no memory of the character of Bobby Peru so can’t even begin to think how he would have handled things and what clever things he would have said.

However… lovely Laura Dern! So I can include this pic of Dean with Laura from Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story

Dean Wareham with Laura Dern in Marriage Story
Dean Wareham with Laura Dern in Marriage Story

The b-side includes the Luna deep cut Bob le Flambeur - which is also a film reference, this time a film I do rather love. John Pierre Melville’s Bob le Flambeur is great heist film and Luna’s Bob le Flambeur is rather fab instrumental.

Bob le flambeur (1956, Jean Pierre Melville)
Bob le flambeur (1956, Jean Pierre Melville)

I suspect I bought this seven inch on release - it may even have been an early instance of me buying more than one format on release.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 11/011
  • Artist: Luna
  • Title: Bobby Peru / Dance With Me / Bob Le Flambeur
  • Format: 7”