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#083: Luna - Indian Summer 12"

Indian Summer contains the first Luna recordings made with new guitarist Sean Eden and was released on an 12” by Rough Trade in 1993.

Luna - Indian Summer
Luna - Indian Summer

Our first recording session with Sean was at Mixolydian Studios in Boonton, New Jersey, where we had gone to record a few B-sides. We recorded and mixed four tracks in two days with Don Sternecker, the engineer who had recorded several albums by the Feelies. Sean immediately stepped up to the plate and played beautiful guitar solos on “Indian Summer,” “Ride Into the Sun,” and “Egg Nog,” our Christmas single. In contrast to our album, which took six weeks to record, this EP was a quick affair-and we were much happier with the results.

The other cover not mentioned by Dean above was The Dream Syndicate’s That’s What You Always Say. This was my first real exposure to The Dream Syndicate. Ken had tried to push me towards The Paisley Underground but it wasn’t until Luna released this that I felt the need to follow up on his encouragement, and then admittedly in a haphazard way.

I was lucky enough to see The Dream Syndicate earlier this year and thank Luna (and Ken) for making me aware of them - even if it took 30 years to get from hearing them to seeing them!

The sleeve has a picture of a pomegranate, which for years I didn’t realise was a pomegranate. I think because I just hadn’t looked at it too closely - I just saw a lovely circle of bright colour that looked edible - probably a cake or a bowl of something. Then one day I had a pomegranate and a revelation. The thing about pomegranates is that they are much too much hard work. The fact there are a ton of web pages telling you “the easy way to prepare a pomegranate” proves that there is in fact no easy way to prepare a pomegarante.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 12/048
  • Artist: Luna
  • Title: Indian Summer
  • Format: 12” single
  • Bought from Rough Trade in Talbot Street