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#072: CMJ New Music Monthly - Volume 90 - February 2001

I guess I must have bought the February 2001 issue of CMJ just for the Luna track, which seems odd given that it’s the version of Friendly Advice from Luna Live so nothing I wouldn’t have had, or wasn’t destined to have.

CMJ New Music Monthly - Volume 90
CMJ New Music Monthly - Volume 90

It’s funny also that Friendly Advice has turned up on a CD because despite it being listed on the sleeve, it can’t be found on the Luna Live CD!

A note about LUNA LIVE - Due to an error that occurred during the manufacturing process, track 3 on the CD version of LUNA LIVE is in fact, Double Feature, not Friendly Advice as indicated in the track listing. We plan to correct this error on future pressings of the CD, and will temporarily offer the live version of Friendly Advice as a free, downloadable mp3 file on fuzzywuzzy.com. Both Double Feature and Friendly Advice can be found on the vinyl version of LUNA LIVE.

I no longer have the magazine so suspect it didnt’t have any more Luna than their appearance on the CD.

To be honest I removed most of the compilations CDs that just included album tracks from my database - there were lots of Uncuts and Mojos etc. I’m not entirely sure how/why this one is still included.

I’ve ripped the cd and popped it here if you want to give the whole thing a listen.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 10/137
  • Artist: Various
  • Title: CMJ New Music Monthly - Volume 90 - February 2001
  • Notes: CD that came with a long since disposed of copy of CMJ
  • Packaging: Paper envelope
  • Format: CD
  • Bought… probably in a West End shop, although I guess I may have had it sent from the US?